16th April 2014

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My nights are for overthinking, my mornings are for oversleeping.
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16th April 2014


good morning in 7.21pm

16th April 2014

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16th April 2014

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16th April 2014

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16th April 2014

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15th April 2014

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I can’t believe I used to think I was 100% straight like seriously what the fuck kind of crack was I smoking

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15th April 2014


Lol, lazy ass, you can do better than taht ! Oh wait, was it Oli cooking ?? Loll

LMAO krgjnrkg no he’s not home rn. I’m just too tired to cook something decent and found this atrocity in my cupboards (I have no idea who bought it but it was there) and so I discovered the gross slimy mass of fake noodles that is sidekicks. Learned my lesson.

I’m making toasts

15th April 2014

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Likeafieldmouse :

Monotropa Uniflora

"A lso known as the  ghost Plant Indian pipe , or  Corpse Plant. 

UNLIKE most plants, it IS white and Does not CONTAIN  chlorophyll . INSTEAD of Generating Energy from Sunlight, it IS  Parasitic , more Specifically-a  myco-Heterotroph . Its  hosts  Are Certain Fungi That Are  Mycorrhizal  with Trees, Meaning Ultimately it gets its Energy from  Photosynthetic  Trees. Since it IS not dependent on Sunlight to Grow, it CAN Grow in very Dark Environments as in the Understory of dense Forest. It IS Often Associated with  Beech  Trees. 

The relationship Complex That Allows this Plant to Grow Also Makes  propagation  Difficult.

The plant is sometimes completely white but commonly has black flecks and a pale pink coloration. Rare variants may have a deep red color. “

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15th April 2014

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Sidekicks are so fucking gross what the hell

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15th April 2014

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